Little Kneaders Uplifting Therapy Dough


The Little Kneaders Uplifting Therapy Dough has been thoughtfully created for children over the age of six years and adults.

Designed to encourage focus and awaken the mind using an oil blended of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Peppermint.

Specifically for children who find it hard to keep their focus and those adults who are suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s or from depression.

Therapy dough can be an invaluable tool, designed to assist with periods of agitation, to encourage muscle memory in fingers and hands and to stimulate the mind with memory recall through scent.

The Uplifting dough is soft yellow in colour – a shade chosen for its psychological and emotional associations.

Soft yellow is known to stimulate the nervous system, memory and concentration.

It is a colour used to encourage communication and to assist those suffering with depression due to its light but warm tones, often associated with the sun, happiness, newness and feelings of joy.

10% of your total order value will be donated to one of the fantastic Irish charities we have partnered up with – see charity partners for a brief overview of each one.

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The fabulous Little Kneaders Therapy Doughs were created by Amy Winter in Co. Wexford, in conjunction with Peigin Crowley from Ground Wellbeing.

To read more about these considered Irish brands please see About Little Kneaders and About Ground Wellbeing


This therapy dough comes in a sustainable tin container.

It is made from food based ingredients and therefore has a shelf life of 6 months, but will last much longer once used regularly and kept in its tin.

Size: 300g



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