Away With Nature

Away with Nature was founded by Fiona O’Donoghue.

A seed was planted in 2020 when Fiona’s journey into skincare formulation began as a personal quest to find a product that could alleviate her rosacea and psoriasis discomfort.

With no prior experience in the field, she turned to the only thing she could trust – the natural world.

Fiona began her research, exploring the fascinating world of organic ingredients and skincare formulation.

She dedicated countless hours to experimenting with different formulas until she found the perfect blend that not only calmed her skin but nourished it as well.

And so began her adventure and Away with Nature was born – a journey of healing, self-discovery, gratitude, and renewal.

Through her natural and organic products, Fiona sought to share her newfound perspective with others, helping them on their own path towards skin health, wellness and balance.

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